Prof. Neta Erez

Prof. Neta Erez

Research work

Mortality from cancer is almost entirely due metastasis to distant organs. Advanced metastatic disease is currently incurable. Therefore, understanding the mechanisms that underlie metastasis is an urgent unmet medical need, and essential for the development of better treatments. The Erez lab research is focused on understanding the role of the tumor microenvironment in facilitating tumor progression and metastasis. Our goal is to understand the early stages of metastatic relapse. Specifically, we study brain metastasis from melanoma and breast cancer. Using mouse models of breast cancer and of melanoma, combined with imaging, molecular and genetic approaches, and human clinical data, we study cancer-related neuroinflammation and uncover the interactions of brain metastasizing cancer cells with astrocytes, microglia and recruited immune cells. Better understanding of these interactions will enable us to identify key molecular pathways in the communication between tumor cells and their microenvironment that can be targeted by novel therapeutics, to prevent tumor metastasis.

Areas of interest & scientific knowledge

Brain Disorders Research

Selected Publications
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