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Sagol School of Neuroscience advanced studies program is a unique multidisciplinary program. Our program offers a wide range of subjects in neuroscience; from the molecular level, through the system’s level, to computational neurobiology and behavioral and cognitive sciences. The M.Sc. courses are instructed by Sagol School faculty members, who are spread across various departments.


The objective of our M.Sc. program is to prepare neuroscience students to conduct multidisciplinary neuroscientific research. It is aimed at postgraduates with a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience, Life Science, Medicine, Life Sciences, Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Psychology, and Linguistics. Graduates of the B.Sc. degree with an emphasis on Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University or similar programs at other universities can apply without completing remedial courses.

            In the framework of the program, students are offered three tracks:



Studies for a university-approved degree on the research track

In the first year, students will be given the option of performing up to two rotations (three months each) in two of the Sagol School of Neuroscience’s laboratories. During each rotation, students are able to join a research project in the laboratory, learn about the research methods used in their laboratory (no credits), and complete a short research project.

  • Choosing a supervisor for M.Sc. research
  • Students must choose a faculty member at the Sagol School of Neuroscience as their final thesis supervisor and receive their written approval for the subject of their research after completing their rotations, toward the end of the second semester, before the start of exams. A supervisor can also be chosen without completing the rotations.
  • Students can finish auditing their courses in three semesters, and they must submit in their final thesis at the end of the fourth semester.
  • At the end of the second semester in the program, students must present an interim report, which will form the basis for their M.Sc. thesis. If students must complete supplementary classes in the framework of the course prerequisites, the studies will be conducted as remedial courses.
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