How to register?

 Admission criteria

Applications are open to outstanding students who hold a B.Sc. with an overall grade of at least 88. The interdisciplinary committee is entitled to consider interviewing and accepting candidates with a score lower than 88 (but higher than 85) in accordance with a candidate’s extraordinary aptitudes: a capacity for creative and interdisciplinary thinking, proof of special capabilities, knowledge, or research planning (based on the interview and/or recommendations).


Outstanding students who hold a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics with an overall grade of above 82 may apply:

  • Graduates of the Tel Aviv University B.Sc. in Neuroscience program may enter the program without remedial studies;
  • Outstanding students from other disciplines will be required to complete remedial courses, which will be personally tailored to each student;
  • Offers shall be made after an admission interview with the interdisciplinary committee, which will choose the most suitable candidates;
  • Candidates who have not yet completed their undergraduate studies will be accepted on provisional basis and will have to complete all the prerequisites and be eligible for an undergraduate degree within six months of the beginning of the academic year;
  • Candidates who are required to complete remedial courses of ten or more semester hours will be registered over the summer for remedial courses and will be required to complete all their remedial courses with a grade of at least 85 as a condition for applying to continue in the following year;
  • Candidates without any research experience (e.g., undergrad project) are advised to join one of the laboratories to conduct a research project during the foundational periods before submitting their applications.


For the fast track M.Sc.: Applications will be accepted from students undertaking an undergraduate program at the School of Neuroscience who have completed two full years of study or three years on the Biomedical Engineering and Biology program.


Required grades

  • The Biology and Linguistics with an emphasis on Neuroscience program and the Biology and Psychology with an emphasis on Neuroscience program require an overall average grade of at least 90.
  • The Biomedical Engineering and Biology with an emphasis on Neuroscience program requires an overall average grade of over 85 in Biomedical Engineering and over 90 in Biology.
  • The Psychology and Computer Science with an emphasis on Neuroscience program requires an average grade of over 85 in Computer Science and an average grade of over 90 in Psychology.
  • Submitting your application

Students who are interested in applying for the program must register online through the university registration website, attaching documents according to the requirements stipulated on the website.


Apart from registration online, applicants must present the following documents by e-mail to Keren Rosen, at the Sagol School office:

  1. Application form, including the declaration of intent and a passport photo;
  2. Curriculum vitae as a separate document;
  3. Emails of two referees (in the application form);
  4. Up-to-date academic transcripts and a degree certificate or confirmation of eligibility for a degree: original documents or authorized copies from the relevant institutions;
  5. A PowerPoint presentation (as detailed in the application form)—this only needs to be emailed.


After a preliminary assessment, relevant applicants will be invited for an interview with the admissions committee.


The committee will examine the knowledge that applicants have acquired over the course of their prior studies, their abilities with questions that demand creative thinking, analytical skills, an understanding of the basic principles of research methods, and chosen specializations. The interview will last about 10 minutes.


Registration will end mid-spring. Exact dates will be announced in January 2021. Suitable candidates will be invited for an admissions interview. Candidates who will not submit the necessary documents by this date will not have their applications processed for consideration.



Students will receive a scholarship for the formal period of their studies (two years). The extension of the scholarship after the first year will be conditional on a personal means report presented by students, and with the recommendation of their supervisor. The Sagol School’s MA committee will be responsible for the dispensation of scholarships.


Admission interviews

Invitations for interviews will be sent by email. Interviews with the admissions committee will take place between late spring-early summer 2021.



During the first year of M.Sc. studies, students are given the option to perform up to two rotations (three-month each) in laboratories affiliated with Sagol’s School.


Course duration

Two years.

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