Prof. Arieh S Solomon

Prof. Arieh S Solomon

Research work

The research activity in the Experimental Ophthalmology Laboratory try to elucidate mechanisms of disease, way to treat disorders and create models for research.There is also a search for better diagnosis tools in eye & brain disorders.


The second major topic of our research is the chaperonin family of proteins.  The most well-known are the GroEL and GroES proteins of E. coli.  The cpn60 (or Hsp60) protein (GroEL) binds to nascent or stress-denatured proteins and facilitates their refolding with the assistance of the cpn10 (Hsp10, GroES) co-chaperonin. In mitochondria, Hsp60 mediates the folding of proteins that have been translocated from the cytosol to the matrix.  The importance of these chaperonins in mitochondria is highlighted by the discovery of genetic diseases caused by mutations in these proteins, and of extramitochondrial roles, some related to cancer development.  We have been studying the structure and function of mitochondrial and chloroplast chaperonins in vitro.  Recently, we published the first crystal structure of the the mitochondrial chaperonin complex, which lent insight into the unique mechanism of this system.

More recently, we have become interested in the mechanism behind genetic diseases. Modern deep-sequencing technologies have facilitated the identification of mutations responsible for recessive genetic diseases. We use this information to delineate the molecular basis of the disease, taking a two-pronged approach.  We utilize a yeast model to study the effects of the mutated protein in a biological system.  In parallel, we produce the mutated protein and purify it in vitro, in order to investigate its properties and its interaction with other proteins.


Areas of interest & scientific knowledge

Brain Disorders Research

Clinical Neuroscience

System & Physiological Neuroscience

Selected Publications
  • Information and Communication Technologies Effects on Mental and Physical Health Arieh S Solomon,MD,PhD
    The Goldschleger Eye Research Institute, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University,  Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel Med Res Arch, 2020 ,December, 8(12) 1-6  
  • Mild carotid stenosis creates gradual,progressive,lifelong brain and eye damage:An experimental laboratory rat model Adi Tzameret, Yael Piontkewitz,Anat Nitzan,Nir Rudoler,Marina Bruzel,Yael Zilberstein, Hana Ziv,Sarah Pri-Chen J Comp Neurol, 2020;1-11. DOI:10.1002/cne.2485 
  • COVID-19 and stroke: A mini review Arieh S Solomon J Neur Clin Neurosci,Mar 22,2021,5(1):2-3.
  • Inhibition of Sema-3A Promotes Cell Migration, Axonal Growth, and Retinal Ganglion Cell Survival
    Anat Nitzan,Miriam Corredor-Sanchez,Ronit Galron,Limor Nahary,Mary Sfarin,Marina Bruzel,Alejandra Moure,Roman Bonet,Yolanda Perez,Jordi Bujons, Enriqueta Vallejo-Yague, Hagit Sacks, Michael Burnet, Ignacio Alfonso,Angel Messeguer, Itai Benhar, Ari Barzilai , Arieh S. Solomon Vis Sci Technol. 2021;10(10);16.
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