The (not that) simple view of reading: The neurobiology of executive functions and reading difficulties Dr. Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus

Sagol seminar

10 January 2021, 14:15 
The (not that) simple view of reading

The Simple view of reading model suggests that reading comprehension relies on both intact language and decoding abilities

However, recent updates to the model, pointed at the important contribution of executive functions to intact reading. Approximately 10- 15% of children in the western world have reading difficulties (RD or dyslexia), a neurodevelopmental disorder known to impact academic achievements as well as social and emotional wellbeing

Here, we aimed to study a)the role of executive functions in reading among children with RD and b) to examine the effect of an executive-functions-based reading training on neural circuits supporting reading abilities and executive functions in these children using multimodal approach including several MRI methodologies as well as EEG data. Results highlight the role of executive functions in reading among children with RD: decreased event related potentials evoked from the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) and functional MRI data showed decreased functional connectivity of cognitive control networks related to this region

We then demonstrated the effect of intervention on these functional connections during both reading and resting-state conditions with increased functional connectivity in the cingulo-opercualr network following intervention in these readers. Our results are in line with the extension of the Simple View of Reading model suggested by Cutting and colleagues 

The role of EF in reading in general and in RD in particular as a possible “synchronizer” of reading-related systems will be discussed

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